Mohamed Adel

A digital native with great passion to new media, social media, visual communication, localization and research. Studied Architecture.

Digital native, joined Global Voices in 2009. Started as a volunteer translator but had several different roles in the community, from the Arabic language website editor to e-book producer to social media editor for the main accounts. Under these different positions I gained a lot of experience in translation, localization, digital citizen media, journalism and social media.

Although I studied architecture and love design, my passion has always been in technology and digital communication. While working with Global voices, I joined an urban development company and managed their website and social media accounts until May 2016 when I joined First Draft, a coalition baked by google newslab, working on social news-gathering and verification where I managed digital marketing and social media.

In November 2017, I joined Verizon seeking a new start in technology and communications.

Besides work, I love to travel. Also, I enjoy riding my bike and practicing Spanish with my wife.

Photo by Hegazy